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We are in the business of selling insurance, but what really makes us feel amazing is that we’re in the business of helping to relieve people’s emotional and financial burdens.  

Our agents focus — first and foremost — on meeting the needs of clients rather than the sales demands of a specific carrier. This allows us to tailor our solutions to address the things people truly need.  

And thanks to the relationships we’ve built with a variety of carriers, our agents offer a broad spectrum of products to help those they serve. Once the deal is closed, Diversified is committed to always be there to serve our clients for decades to come.  

If you’re interested in having a Diversified agent help you find an insurance solution that fits your situation, please contact us.  


Product Categories

Our agents can draw from a wide portfolio of products in three primary verticals. 

This type of whole life insurance covers end-of-life expenses for things like funerals, or any remaining legal or medical expenses. Our agents can help you determine your needs and find a plan to meet your expectations.

People work their whole lives to claim Medicare, only to find it pays 80% of their financial responsibility while they must cover the remaining 20%. Even worse, many discover there’s no maximum limit on those costs.  

Programs like Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements were created to help reduce those remaining Medicare expenses. But not every program is right for every person. Plus, Medicare can be complex, which can lead to confusion.  

At Diversified, we take the anxiety out of Medicare. Unlike other agencies, our advisors go the extra mile to find solutions that address our clients’ needs — not the needs of the insurance carrier or agency.  

Allow our team of licensed insurance agents to find a plan based on your doctor preferences, medication needs, as well as your expectations and concerns. 

ACA health insurance plans are designed for the under-65 marketplace, especially those who may be in a lower income bracket. Like Medicare plans, our licensed insurance agents can help you navigate the complexities of health care coverage and find the right plan for your needs 

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